Deborah Weidhaas Certified Advanced Rolfer and Certified Rolf Movement PractitionerI began my Basic Training in the spring of 1990 and become a Certified Rolfer in November 1991. I became a Certified Advanced Rolfer in 1997 and Certified Rolf Movement Practitioner in 2002.

I have done extensive continuing education including: scar tissue and bone tissue work; CranioSacral; Visceral Manipulation; personal growth work; and Mind-Body Balancing® including emotional healing processes.

Ten of my professional articles on Rolfing SI and Rolf Movement were published.

My great pleasure happens as clients near the completion of Rolfing SI. They shift into a moment of calm comfort, experiencing everything as connected, whole, and right. I wish there had been ways, back when they first called me, to communicate that this was possible, that it exists, but it can only be known by experiencing it.

Long before I trained in this work, though, I was in the same circumstances as many of you. A massage therapist told me, “You have a misalignment in your left leg; you ought to do Rolfing SI for that.” I said, “What’s Rolfing?” and he said, “Go find out.”

Five months later I got my first Rolfing SI session. Still, I had no idea my leg was misaligned because, to me, it felt normal. Only when my left leg aligned, then, I could feel how ‘not-right’ it had been. Also I have a deformity in my lower back that I was born with, but it didn’t exhibit symptoms until age 20. I dealt with it for 13 years, but nothing ever resolved it. As a Rolfing SI client, I never expected, or even considered, that Rolfing SI would do anything for it. I was so wrong. From my Rolfing SI process, all symptoms were gone. From this I realized: Rolfing SI will not take your condition away but can let you and your condition live a comfortable, active life together.

As a client, my Rolfer suggested I look into becoming a Rolfer, that I’d probably be very good at it. She gave me a scope-of-training booklet. The booklet laid out a list of prerequisites (anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, psychology, and massage), a list of questions/concepts for which I had to write a 25-page, footnoted paper (and at that point I didn’t even understand the questions), the Rolfing SI training itself of 1-2 years, and the costs. I gave the booklet back to her and told her there was no way I could do all that. Yet, five years later, everything in my life was perfectly aligned to do it. When I called the Rolf Institute, I was told a class was starting in three weeks, and someone had just cancelled. I took the last available seat.