How does it work?

Rolfing SI and Rolf Movement work in the connective tissue matrix of the body (also known as fascia) which is a continuous web that goes surface to deep, head to toe, side to side, front to back, layer to layer, and also relates us to the field of gravity. It connects and relates everything with everything else (so it also can create pain, restriction, and immobility when distorted, injured, traumatized, and from habitual movement patterns and postures). I can tell you from experience that 92% of the time, where my clients report pain is not the root of the issue; it is a secondary effect to the issue.

I work with your structural dynamics so things can come back into a balance where symptoms dissolve, and ease arises as a new normal.

A Rolfing SI session includes three major aspects: (1) hands-on work; (2) your participation with this process [and I have many approaches to help you learn how to do this]; and (3) education so we can drop mistaken ideas that disrupt structural integrity and gain a body that supports us.