Deborah Weidhaas, Advanced Rolfer™ and ROlf Movement®



 I completed my Basic Training with the Rolfing Institute® of Structural Integration in 1991.

Completed Advanced Rolfing® Training in 1997.

Completed Rolfing Movement® Training  in 2002. 

Total hours of study in this work:   just under 3000.  


And More Skills and Training


I am trained in Visceral Manipulation, CranioSacral, Scar Tissue, Intra-Bone; Third Degree Reiki Attuned, and have studied with three osteopaths (a Canadian, a French, and an Australian) who tailored their trainings specifically for Rolfers™.

I'm skilled in processes that can restore mobility/vitality/resilience/calm due to mental and emotional material that has been stuck in the physical structure including:  Mind-Body Balancing®; emotional and spiritual healing processes; personal growth work; and NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP). Some of my clients draw on my skills in these areas, in addition to Rolfing® SI, in order to reach their goals. All of my skills are woven, as needed, into each client's Rolfing® process.

I am published (13 articles) in the professional journals for Rolfing® SI and Structural Integration. 


Every Rolfer™ Was, First, A Client

 I did Rolfing® as a client in 1985 because someone suggested it and because it sounded fascinating and I was curious. 

There are so many things I never realized until I went through this work: 

• I didn’t know how tight/bound I was (it always just felt normal to me) until my body started letting go. 

• I didn’t know I’d been moving, walking, breathing, sitting, standing, sleeping in structurally imbalanced ways until the Rolfing® process let it change. Plus, I got a half-inch taller. 

• I didn’t know how connected and smart my whole body was until I experienced it. 

• I didn’t know that Rolfing® SI could resolve the pain symptoms I’d been dealing with for 10 years, due to a congenital deformity in my spine. I never expected Rolfing® SI to change anything about this situation, and yet it did.

• I didn’t know that memories and emotions get stuck in a physical body until the memory flashed back into my mind at the same time my Rolfer™ released a restriction pattern in my body.