People Who Do Rolfing® ...


Some people do this work to optimize health and well-being.

 Some have chronic aches and pains that have not fully resolved with other approaches. 

 Some come to Rolfing® for physical reasons like better posture, improved athletic performance, to regain flexibility, or to release tension patterns. 

Others do Rolfing® because they have come to realize that memories, emotion, stress, and trauma are not just mental things but are also stuck in their physical body. They realize past experiences affect how the body reacts, and they want to feel more free/capable. Often, a client can momentarily recall a forgotten memory or emotion at the same time the physical structure is releasing a restriction pattern. 

 Some come to Rolfing® for self-discovery and clarity, a journey of becoming more capable and more fully embodied. 

 Some say Rolfing® has been the largest contributor, a huge step forward, in their personal growth and spiritual journey. 



Deborah Weidhaas is not a licensed physician and does not treat, prescribe, or diagnose an illness, disease or mental disorder. Rolfing® Structural Integration and Rolf Movement® are a form of sophisticated bodywork and education that is alternative and complementary to services provided by the state but not licensed by the state.

The Rolfing® Brand

Rolfing, Rolfer, Rolf Movement, Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, and the Little Boy Logo are service and trade marks of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute [aka Rolf Institute of Structural Integration] in Boulder, Colorado, with schools in: USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and Japan.